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Okaaay, so.

The meeting with the District to discuss this prior review stuff is thie TUESDAY the 15th at 7:00... or 6:00, i'll check up on that, I will get exactly where the place is and hopefully an address asap. Its gonna be in Everett somewhere on Colby, if that isnt vague enough. :-).

Also, I had a little meeting with the editor in chief of the everett paper and she said she talked to her lawyer and that the "no prior review" is going to be taken out for sure. Its because there is a law in the state of washington that says that you can have prior review. Now, the one thing that we are fighting for is whether it is prior restraint or prior review. If you go to the meeting you'll get a much clearer explanation of what is going on.

And PLEASE come. If there is a butt load of people there... then it'll really show the district that people actually care.

thanks maaan.

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