Molly (waitforgreen) wrote in stiqayu,

aww, isn't our edior in cheif cute?

Way fun. The food sucked, BUT we stole all the good stuff and kept it in our fridge. At one point we had 29 ice cream bars, 7 muffins, 5 bananas, 6 cans of soda, 6 bottles or orange and/or apple juice, and several mini-boxes of dry cereal.

Michele and I got to teach in a Photoshop class.

The six of us were lying in this shady grassy area for a few hours, playing in the mud, lying with our faces in the grass... and as we're getting up to leave a guy walks by and says, "You know that grass has been sprayed with poisons and pesticides, right?" Sure enough. A tiny sign in the far corner of the field...

And, journalism camp surely couldn't be complete without a tetris attack tournement.

Go here to see lots of pretty pictures of Ashley and Michele from a photo shoot we did there.
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This was my press pass my last year...
how extremely clark.