paperpants (paperpants) wrote in stiqayu,

Journalism Summer Alumni Thingy

We are still hoping to have the summer Stiqayu alumni get together. The
plan this year is to have it at the game room at the Jefferson Apartments
(it's called something else now but I'm forgetting the name). Paul Clark
would reserve the game room for us - it comes with a Foosball table and
with a pool.

We are looking at Monday Aug. 23rd or Tues. the 24th to get together
probably starting around 6:30 or 7:00 - bring a snack and/or some soda.
Please let me know if you think you would be able to make it this year and
if it makes a difference which night it is.

Hope you are having a great summer and that you can make it.

PS I'd love to hear how you are doing either way:)

Mr. A
( )
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