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Some irresponsible kid already broke the Rebel, and it won't come back from repairs for at least 3-4 weeks! Yuck. People aren't done with their stories. Photos have barely been started. Business is tight. Ignorant reporters are saving files in lame file formats. Wolfcall, spread, graphics, layouts all haven't been started. But hey, seriously, it's not like this is anything new, right?

Sucks about the Rebel though. And even though yearbook has two Rebels and five S7000s (my camera), the new yearbook teacher is being a dumb control freak and won't let anyone but yearbook people use them at all, even though some journalism people actually know how to use them, unlike most yearbook people. So I am pretty much the only one who can be working on photography right now.

Our server still isn't working right and we do not even have privilages to make new folders. So we've gotta work off all the student folders, which is a mess. The 55-minute periods are killing us.

Oh, and there are THREE Mr. Andersons this year. What is that about?

First late night's tomorrow. Come visit.
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